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Each piece that I create is freehanded & made with the intention of becoming a collectable that is part of a developing legacy. Thanks for joining me on this journey! Here's to the start of something grand, and many more exciting things ahead. 

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"Monet's Garden" Creation by Chelsea Stern

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Recognized by

Recognized by

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"I want to rejuvenate the community in a manner that hasn't quite ever been done before. There's no better way to do that than through art."

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"What Chelsea has created with her art is above and beyond what I could have ever expected or hoped for. Not only has she reignited the spark in me for the thrill of collecting, she has done so with a level of of passion and talent that is unrivaled. "

Branden Melton

Collector for over 10 years

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"Chelsea's creations are taking this world by storm. The hobby has been around for over 30 years. Even at the height of the craze, nobody had the vision to do what Chelsea has done. Some thought to decorate bears in pretty ways, but never before has anybody thought to bring masterpieces to life like this. I own 7 of her beautiful creations and can't wait to buy more."

Pete Light

Collector for over 25 years

"Chelsea is a very talented artist. She uses the bears as the drawing board to bring to life famous artists, events, movies and so much more. Her attention to detail makes each piece a true work of art. She is very client oriented and a pleasure to do business with."

Donna Holshouser

Seasoned Collector

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